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What is needed if we would like to put an application in for this rental property?

1. We will need you to fill out an “Application Form”.  We can email this form to you.

2. We will do a “Credit History, Eviction History, Employment Verification, Income Verification, Bankruptcy Investigation & Criminal Background” check on all applicants.  No exceptions.

3. We will need a $45 application fee per applicant.  This fee covers the cost of us doing a “Credit, Eviction & Criminal Background” checks on the applicant(s).

4. Application fee is refundable with a rental agreement.

5. We will need a copy of each applicant(s) driver’s license.

6. We may also request references from previous landlords.

7. We may also request an on-site visit of your current residence.

What We Are Looking For In A Tenant

We are looking for a tenant or tenants that have good credit history, steady income, history of taking good care of previous properties, and that also have a history of on-going “Good standing” payments with their rent or mortgage.  

“If you do not meet the above requirements, contact us to discuss your individual situation